02/11/15 Musical Texture in the Renaissance & Beyond

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Note: Exact start date of the Renaissance era varies depending on the source — I learned 1400, but your book says 1450, so we’ll go with that. 🙂

Ave Maria, by Josquin des Prez (born in 1450 –> brought the Renaissance with him?)
Listen for:
Imitation: one voice copies another
Homorhythm: voices sing same rhythm with different notes
How many voices are singing at once? Varies from one to four at different parts of the piece.
Ave Maria Listening Guide

Ave Maria Listening Guide
Ave Maria score with textures labeled

Fair Phyllis: Listen for word painting
Fair Phyllis Listening guide

Fair Phyllis Listening Guide

Musical Texture: interweaving of musical lines

4 Types of Musical Texture:

Source material:

Texture demo.monophony

Texture demo.homophony

Texture demo.homorhythm

Texture demo.polyphony

Texture demo.canon

Texture demo.fugue

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