01/26/15 Music Is…

“I am music, and I write the songs!”

What is music? Here are some of your answers, loosely grouped into 3 categories:

Emotional impact
Music is an outlet for feelings and emotions (happy, sad, and everything in between)
Music helps me get motivated
Music is a getaway
Music is a way to shut out reality and connect with yourself and others around you
Music can help make daily activities easier
Music is the bright light at the end of every dark tunnel
Music is comfort

Music tells a story
Music is a form of communication that expresses emotion, memory, viewpoint, or intention
Music is determined by the listener: the meaning can vary from person to person
Music is a way for people to be influenced
Music has the ability to change the voices of an entire generation

Music is culture
Music is powerful
Music is inspirational
Music is an energy source
Music is who we are
Music is life

Motivation for working out: OK Go

  • Relaxing
  • Music as universal language we all can understand?

    Pachelbel Canon

    Another demonstration of music as universal language:

    Review of building blocks we’ve looked at so far:
    Rhythm (basic rhythm worksheet)

    Sound examples of instruments