01/14/15 What is Music? And Where, When, and Why?

For Friday, 1/16

  • Read Chapter 1
  • Week 1 Writing Assignment on Blackboard
  • Listening (at least twice):

Listen for the contour of the melody: how it moves — up, down, across…
Amazing Grace

Ode to Joy

Stars & Stripes: listen for melody sung the first time, then repeated by instruments with a second melody (countermelody) played on piccolos.

When and where is music is played and heard? Think of as many times, places, occasions, etc. as you can.

How does music function in these places? Hint: imagine how it would be different if the music weren’t there.

Some food for thought:

Looking ahead: rhythm exercise

We know how and when music is used, but an even more fundamental question is, WHAT IS MUSIC? Do all sounds count as music? Is all music made of sound? We will explore this question over the course of the semester…

How about this? Excerpt from “Stomp”