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Final listening examples

Performance Observation Assignment:
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Lecture posts:

Each post contains general lecture outlines and audio/video examples used in class on the given date.

Spring 2015 Listening Review for Final

05/01/15 When Classical Met Jazz, Plus Reviewing for Final

04/29/15 Blues Lyrics & Classical Jazz

04/27/15 Ragtime, Blues & Jazz: Syncopation & Improvisation

04/24/15 Modernism: Radical Answers to the Basic Question, What is Music?

04/22/16 Modernism: The Importance of Technology

04/20/15 Stravinsky and The Rite of Spring: A Musical Riot

04/17/15 The Modern Era: Reaction, Rebellion, and Going to Extremes

04/15/15 Review of Romantic Era Composers

04/13/15 Wagner: The Real Lord of the Rings?

04/10/15 Take Me Out to the Opera

04/08/15 Walk-up Music: Personal Soundtracks and Musical Signatures

04/06/15 Personal Soundtracks: Berlioz Romantic Music for Orchestra

03/27/15 Romanticism: Rock Stars and Emo Icons

03/25/15 Romantic Era: Love Songs & Fairy Tales

03/23/15 Romanticism: A New Era of Expression

03/18/15 Beethoven’s Enduring Influence, for Better and Worse

03/16/15 Beethoven and the Classical to Romantic Transition

03/13/15 Fate Knocking at the Door: Beethoven’s Life and Symphonies

03/11/15 Music as Conversation: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Beyond

03/04/15 Order, Logic and Mozart’s Sunnier Side

03/02/15 Mozart: Myth and Reality, Genius and Humanity

02/27/15 J.S. Bach & Antonio Vivaldi

02/23/15 Baroque Music: Virtuosity, Virtually Everywhere

02/18/15 To Every Musical Thing, There is a Season

02/16/15 Musical Texture as Learning Tool

02/13/15 Musical Texture and Simplicity vs. Complexity

02/11/15 Musical Texture in the Renaissance & Beyond

02/09/15 Focus on Listening

Note: class was canceled on 02/09 due to instructor illness. A substitute assignment is posted on Blackboard in the “Written Assignments” section of the course site.

2/06/15 Follow the Leader: Imitative Polphony

02/06/15 Quiz 1 Listening Examples (password protected)

2/04/15 Medieval to Modern: Melody & Harmony

02/02/15 The Medieval Era: Gregorian Chant

01/30/15 More on Major & Minor

01/28/15 Scales, Chords, Harmony, Kazoos

01/26/15 Music Is… Our Answers So Far

01/23/15 Instruments & Instrument Categories

01/21/15 Building Blocks of Music: Rhythm

01/16/15 Building Blocks of Music: Melody

01/14/15 What is Music? And Where, When, and Why?

01/12/15 Music 101 Welcome & Introduction

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